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  1. Hello Audrey,

    I am a biblical Christian and am thinking of creating a website in this niche.
    I understand that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and that you created this site using the WA training program?
    Would you be so kind as to share your experience with WA, as I am thinking of joining. I am a newbie who has never created a website.
    Any light you can shed to help me with my decision is much appreciated.


    1. Hi Janina,
      Thanks for reaching out and checking out the site. Yes, I was a member of WA for about 4 years and I loved it. I learned so much from that community and hated to leave but I had learned what I needed to and it was time to move on. For a beginner and even intermediate affiliate marketer Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I would recommend for you to learn from. They take you step by step every single process and if you get stuck there are hundreds of people that are there to help you. There are so many benefits to joining I can’t even list them all. The training, the people, the encouragement, the helping one another and just the community itself. I really believe that if you join and give it everything you have for one year you’ll see the fruits of your labor and know it was all worth it. The only piece of advice I will give you though is when you start learning, the ideas start to race and everywhere you go, everything you eat, breath, sleep will be about one niche or another. Find only a few niches and focus on those. I would even say just one niche at a time. My downfall when I first started like so many others is we started so many sites that we didn’t succeed because we were spread to thin. Find that thing you’re passionate about, that thing that you know God created you do to and pursue that like there is no tomorrow.

      If you do have any other questions or just need someone to take a look at your site and give feedback or what not please don’t hesitate to contact me. My new email address is

      Be Blessed,

  2. Hello! I love your website, and I actually am in the process of writing a book about my life of overcoming drug addiction and childhood trauma. I just recently tried to gain permission to use the Margaret Fishback Powers version and I was denied because they dont publish to 3rd party publishers. I was wondering if you knew how I could gain permission to try to use the Mary Stevenson’s version? It would be very much appreciated I really want this poem in my book.

    1. Good Morning Rachel! That is so awesome to hear about your freedom from drug addiction and childhood trauma. What an amazing testimony you must have to the goodness of our Lord.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get permission to use Mary Stevenson’s version of the Footprints in the Sand poem. I’m actually researching it a little bit more because I’ve been getting more comments about a gentleman by the name of Willard Thomas who may have also written the poem. I’ve been doing some research on that as well. Since I’m not a lawyer, I honestly can’t give you any legal advice but I’d reach out to those in publishing that may be able to better guide you.
      When you are finished with the book I’d love to read it so definitely send me a link when you’re finished.
      Be Blessed,

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