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When You Feel Like All Hope is Lost

What do you do when you feel like all hope is lost? When everything you believed in, everything you trusted in, everything you put your hope in is gone? First, lets define hope using the The New Strong’s Concordance: Definition of Hope – to anticipate, (usually with pleasure) expectation or confidence – faith, hope, trust.… Read More »

Best Selling Books on Hope and Encouragement

These best selling books on hope and encouragement have either been read by me, recommended to me from others or have the highest reviews online. There are thousands of books that have touched the hearts of many and changed lives so I encourage you that if there is a book you have read and you… Read More »

Christian Words of Encouragement

Are you at a point in your life where you feel hopeless and need some Christian Words of Encouragement? Do you feel like all hell is breaking loose and there is nothing good in your life? Are you having thoughts that maybe you’re not worth anything and no one understands what you are going through?… Read More »