Footprints Prayer Wirebound Journal

The Footprints Prayer Wirebound Journal that had me crying

You know those moments in your life where you just know that God reached down through the heavens to let you know he’s thinking about you and loves you?

I’ve really felt strong in my spirit that I need to be journaling and keeping track of all the little nuggets God has been giving to me in my time of prayer and although I have a couple books I write in I don’t have one specific for journaling.

Well the other day I was going through an old box of things my Dad gave me after my Mom passed away and what do you think I found in it???

This wirebound journal that has the Footprints in the Sand Poem written on the front cover.


I just knew that I was about to unearth some of my Mom’s deepest thoughts and prayers but what I found inside only brought me to tears.

  • Tears of Joy
  • Tears of Sadness
  • Tears of Fondness
  • Tears of Lonliness
  • Tears of being Loved

I know…how can you cry so many tears for so many different emotions?

Well the first four pages are messages to my Mom from family and friends that came to her “Welcome Home Party” that her best friend’s, my Aunt Nellie and Kelly threw for her back in April of 2006.
See, Mom was diagnosed with cancer in October 2005 and she was standing on God’s word that she would be healed. Aunt Nellie and Kelly threw her a big ol’ party up north that Mom traveled all the way from Florida to attend. Everyone was able to visit with her and see how God was healing her.

UPDATE from my Aunt Nellie:
I shared this post on my Aunt Nellie’s timeline and she wrote the following message back to me. Now I know the rest of the story…

Dear, dear Audrey! You have brought me to tears. That party was what your Mom requested that we do instead of Kelly and me coming to Florida to spend time together. Your Dad called and asked if we would be willing to do that here. I was just completely honored to have my dear friend come spend a week with us and it was a gift to us for sure. We planned the party on the spur of the minute. Your Mom knew there was going to be a party but not who was coming, so that every time the doorbell rang, she was thrilled to see friend after friend come celebrate with her. In all, there were over 25 people who came and some changed plans to do so in honor of our friend Audrey! I would love to see again what I wrote to her because I truly don’t recall, as is the way when you write from the heart. Maybe you could message me that page. Now about that journal that was my gift to her. I went to Hallmark for some balloons and welcome home banner and I saw that journal and was inspired to have everyone who came to quietly go into the living room and write their thoughts for her to treasure when she went back home. I of course, wrote after everyone left (I think). That way I could count all the treasured moments we shared over many years. She brought a prayer book up for Kelly and me and wrote a note that I still smile and cry when I read it. 😇 thank you for finding that journal. Also, I did not know that was a favorite prayer of Aud’s. Isn’t God amazing ….. No coincidence that I chose that journal! Xoxo

Can you see why I was crying all those tears? My mom touched so many people’s lives and to hear their words, written so lovingly to her and about her made me feel so many emotions.
Friends from Elementary school all the way through High School came to see my Mom and everyone of them wrote her a special message in this journal. Here are a few of those messages:


Now I know why The Lord is leading me to journal, so I’ll always have something to come back to and so will my children!

In the years since Mom’s healing (yes she passed away but that was her healing) I have found many other books that she used as journals. I would definitely have to say that I am my mother’s daughter because I don’t think she ever finished one book. Instead she would just grab a book that was around her and start writing and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I can’t bring myself to write in this book, especially after finding a message to my mom from my Aunt Nellie right in the middle of the book. It was like I was peeking inside the friendship of two little girls that have been best friends since Elementary school and I just can’t disrupt that. Crazy I know!

This little book will forever stay as my Mom’s letters from those she loved and those that loved her. It will also remind me of my Heavenly Father’s love towards me that he would gently nudge me to get a journal but did it in such a way that I once again can Thank him for blessing me with the Mom he chose for me.

As for me, I love the Footprints in the Sand Poem and what it represents so I think I will just have to purchase me one of these journal books that have this poem on it.

What about you? Are you just starting out in journaling or have you been doing it for a long time? If you have been journaling, what is one moment that you looked back on and knew right then that God carried you through it?

Y’all Be Blessed,


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