What Legacy Will You Leave Behind to Your Children

This is one of those questions I have always asked myself: What Legacy will I leave behind to my children?

As a mom I always hoped that I would be able to leave my children a legacy. Not a legacy of money so much as a legacy of truth, wisdom and above all love.

I had hopes and dreams for my kids. You know, I wanted them to graduate from High School, go to college (if that was what they wanted to do), meet a God fearing spouse, bless me with wonderful Grandchildren that would call me Grandma and live their lives to the fullest.

But above all that, I wanted them to love the Lord thy God with all their heart and soul, mind and strength and to love their neighbors as themselves. The two greatest commandments God gave to us.

I have tried to set an example for my children so that I could leave a legacy like my Mom left and Dad is still carrying on. Not just through words but by their actions. To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you start pointing a finger and to kill those that are mean to you with kindness by loving them.

Well, I can honestly say without a doubt that my children have listened to what I’ve said over the years and when I have taken my last breathe I do believe that my legacy will live on through my children. 

Read the Story Below

makaylaLast night my youngest daughter came home from work, she works at Subway, and told me the following story:

She said a lady came in the store on crutches and as she was making her  sub the lady kinda had an attitude with her.

Now if you know my daughter MaKayla you know that when someone gives her an attitude it takes everything she has not to give one back.

So she’s making this sub for the lady and as she is ringing her up she remembers what her Momma always told her, “When someone is being mean just remember you don’t know what they are going through. Kill them with kindness and watch their entire attitude change.”

My daughter decides that she’s going to put this to the test and kill her with kindness. After ringing her up she comes out from behind the counter and opens the door for the lady to leave. As she is opening the door the lady thanks her and begins to tell her that she was at work when she hurt her foot. The doctor told her she could go back to work in 2 weeks but when she went back, her boss told her they had hired someone else for the position. On top of loosing her job her daughter was graduating soon and she did not have enough money to even get her a present. 

As she is telling me the story my heart is swelling up because she actually took the time to listen to this woman’s heart and hear what she had been going through.

What my daughter said next blew me away! 

At this time MaKayla looks at the lady and tells her, “You have to have faith. Just pray to God and he will answer you. My mom always said that God would answer our prayers when we needed it to be answered and he always has. You just need to have faith and pray.”

After she tells me this story she says, “You know Mom, you always said that when people are mean and hateful it’s because they are going through something and tonight I learned that you’re right. That woman was going through something and if I hadn’t taken the time to be nice I would have never known what she was going through!”

I don’t think my daughter realizes yet that God put her there last night to give that women hope. Because of a simple act of kindness from a 16 year old behind the counter at Subway I bet that women went home to pray and knowing my father in heaven…he has answered her prayer. 

I share this story because your children are watching and listening to you whether you think they are or not.

I know the teen years can be hard, trust me I do know, but it’s really up to us as to what legacy we will leave with our children.

Will it be love or hate
Will it be peace or anger
Will it be joy or sadness
Will it be grace or condemnation
Will it be prayer or gossip
Will it be truth or lies

So I leave you with this question…

What legacy will you leave behind for your children? 

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