Top Inspirational Poems about Life

These top Inspirational Poems about Life always seem to speak right to the heart and no matter the time, season or circumstance you may be facing, they always seem to bring a ray of sunshine into the darkness.

The following poems have carried me through many dark times in my life as well as many glorious times and I just wanted to share them with you so you could be encouraged as well.

You are never alone, remember that!

There is nothing you have or are going through that someone else hasn’t already been through or is going through right now.

Top 3 Inspirational Poems about Life

#1 – Don’t Quit Poem

Although this poem has the infamous “Author Unknown” attached to it, there is no doubt the author of this poem saw many a dark days and nights in his life. But through hope, perseverance and a bull dog tenacity, he held on through the trials and tribulations and finally achieved victory! From this poem we can walk away with the hope that with every bad day we may have there are better days coming if we just don’t quit.
Read the Don’t Quit Poem here!

#2 – Footprints in the Sand Poem

This entire website is really dedicated to this widely read poem. This is another poem that talks about the ups and downs of life and how at the lowest points in our life it seems like we are all alone. Of course that is the furthest thing from the truth because in those most lonely times is when our heavenly Father sends us the comforter to give us strength and encourage us to keep on going.
Read the Footprints in the Sand Poem here!

#3 – Mother Teresa Do It Anyway 

I absolutely love this poem especially when I was raising my children. It can be so hard in this cruel world to walk as Jesus did loving everyone. We will never be perfect until we meet our father in heaven but while we are here on this earth, as Christians, we should be striving to show others the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we always do everything unto the father then what does it really matter what people say about us or do to us? It’s a heart issue and between you and your maker.
Read Mother Teresa’s poem Do It Anyway here!

I know there are so many more inspirational poems that have been written so please share with me in the comments below other poems that have brought you inspiration throughout your life. I’d love to read them and be encouraged.

Be Blessed

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